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5 Steps Toward a Successful Admission

Step #1
If you're considering an admission to our treatment program please call 315.671.2202 to speak to our Intake Coordinator.

Step #2

Complete the Initial Information Form. Completing this form will enable us to discuss the most appropriate treatment alternatives with you.

Click here to complete the

Initial Information Form

Step #3
Our Intake Coordinator will contact you confidentially by phone or by e-mail to discuss the details of our program and answer your questions.

Step #4
If admission is deemed appropriate by our Clinical Director, we will require the next steps in the admission process.

a. Personal Interview:
A face-to-face or phone interview will be scheduled to discuss your expectations for admission.

We charge $175 for an initial evaluation. However, at this point, that fee is not reimbursable by some insurance companies. If paying this fee would present a barrier to you receiving the initial evaluation, please speak to the Intake Coordinator to arrange a payment plan. It is most important that you receive the evaluation to determine if Centre Syracuse is the appropriate level of care for you at this time.

b. Medical Testing:
You will be asked to obtain several medical tests from your physician:

  • Blood tests to assess electrolytes
    and other biological systems
  • EKG to assess heart functioning
    Completion of our Online
    Pre-Treatment Evaluation Forms

Step #5
An admission date will be arranged once the Interview, Medical Testing and Admission Forms have been completed.

How will I pay for treatment?
Centre Syracuse charges a flat daily rate for our services. For the vast majority of participants, their treatment is covered in full by their health insurance carrier. For those without health insurance or with exhausted benefits we negotiate self-pay arrangements.

Where will I live during treatment?
Centre Syracuse participants return home in the evenings and maintain important links to their family and their community. This allows them to practice new skills that promote confidence and independence. If home is too far away for you to return to in the evening and on weekends then you may benefit from our furnished apartment offering you respite as you receive treatment. This apartment is available for a nominal weekly fee of $60.00.

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